7 top tips to prepare for your Headshot photoshoot

7 top tips to prepare for your Headshot photoshoot

A professionally taken headshot will speak wonders for your image and create that all important great first impression.

Here are our top tips to ensure you get the best out of your headshot photo session.

1. Go to bed early the night before!

This may sound bizarre, but of course you want to look your best in your headshot.  This will be seen by lots of people before they have ever even met you, so making a great first impression is paramount.  Capturing you with tired eyes and a hangover is not the moment you want to promote!

Simply go to bed in good time and get your usual sleep.  This will set you up to look your best on the day of your photo shoot

2. What to wear, it’s just a shot of my head, right?

No!  It is a photo of your head and shoulders.  It’s not a full body shot, but it is still important to consider what you would like to wear on your top half.  If you choose to wear your corporate suit and tie, then make sure your shirt is nicely ironed, and that the tie you choose is your favourite from your wardrobe.  Tie the knot of your tie just before your shoot, and make sure it is done up to the collar.

Having said this, if corporate is not your business, and you want a more relaxed vibe for your headshot, this is also possible.

Perhaps you have a branded top that features your logo – this would be perfect to add into your personal headshot and would help to promote you even further on your business profiles – be that on LinkedIn, your website or other social media platforms.

The main message here is, consider what you would like to wear and how this represents you.  You need to feel comfortable & confident.

3. Prepare your hair

This applies to men as much as women, so make sure you prepare in advance for your photo shoot by booking a hair appointment.  You’ve made an investment, so get it right.  This headshot will probably last you a couple of years!

Also, if you colour your hair, check your roots and get a colour to make sure your hair is on top form.

For men, have a shave, or trim your beard and check your nose & ear hair.  If you want to look neat, even invest in a little nose & ear hair trimmer!

4. Preparing your skin

I wasn’t sure how to put this, but the key message is, it’s not about just your make up.   It’s also important to prepare your skin, so you feel and look as fresh as possible.

At the very least, use a basic face scrub and moisturise your skin (men as well as ladies!).  If you do wear make-up, then remember less is more.  Don’t pile it on to cover up any imperfections – the photographer can deal with this postproduction if necessary.  It is far easier to edit out a spot than it is to edit a spot covered in concealer.

5. Brush your teeth and polish your specs (if you wear them)

Again, obvious advice, but you’d be amazed.  If you have your shoot scheduled post eating, then take your toothbrush along.  Or simply check your teeth before you go into the studio to make sure you have no bits of food stuck in your teeth.

If you wear glasses the first thing you need to consider is if you want to wear them at all.  If you don’t, then take them off a good 15 minutes before your photoshoot to give the red marks on your nose a chance to fade.

If you do want to wear your specs, then just make sure they are sitting straight on your face, and that you have polished the lenses.  Fingerprints or smudges are not a good look!

6. Remember your posture

Sit up straight and hold your shoulders back.  Rounded shoulders do nothing for your look.  You want to come across confident and professional, so sit tall and be proud of you!

Check out this article for tips on good sitting posture.

7. Just relax, and let the photographer look after you

This is an important point – your photographer will look after you and guide you through the process of the photoshoot.  Prepare well and let him or her take the shots.  You have hired a professional, so advice and guidance before and during the shoot is what you have paid for.

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