1st Birthday Cake Smash Fun!

1st Birthday Cake Smash Fun!

Cake Smash in West Yorkshire

We have a slightly different blog for you this time. Cake Smash Fun!

So, as you know we specialise in Wedding & Portrait photography. As part of our portraits offering, we are now doing Cake Smash sessions.

This little monkey turned one in January.  His parents wanted to celebrate in style, so they decided to do a cake smash session. Angela made the cake for the shoot – a giant cupcake with turquoise frosting, and Daniel arranged the back drop and props, and of course did the photos.

This all took a lot more preparation and thought than you might think. There is a lot to consider when organising a cake smash shoot, to ensure it goes smoothly and your baby is ultimately still content after the event (and to make sure that your house is not completely covered in frosting afterwards!).


Baby Cake Smash Huddersfield West Yorkshire

Here are our top tips to a successful cake smash shoot

  • For the cake – choose a plain sponge, so that when your baby smashes the cake and eats it, he/she still looks cute (chocolate is a no go, as it looks like mud, and your baby just looks dirty!).
  • For the frosting – light colours are best – we went for a turquoise, and this is probably as bright as you’d want to go, otherwise you risk staining what your baby wears and anything else around it.
  • Backdrop – we created a Happy Birthday inspired backdrop in this example, and used a perspex sheet for the floor to avoid any stains or mishaps during the shoot. This is where you can be really creative, and we can provide a variety of back drops to meet your inspired colour scheme – be it a baby pink scheme or a baby blue. Or just go for multicoloured like we did for this cake smash! Whatever the back drop, simplicity is key, as the cake smash shoot is all about your beautiful baby, and the cake.
  • Other tips;
    • Run a bath in advance, and have wipes to hand.
    • Have something simple, but cute for your baby to wear, that you don’t mind getting stained. We went for dark blue trousers, but swimwear, a cute nappy cover or naked also works. This is the perfect opportunity to capture your little one au naturel and get some cute belly pics :-)
    • Be prepared that your baby will not necessarily smash up the cake. Some babies are more tentative with food than others. It is important to field your baby, and place him/her in the right position to get the best photos, and then once he/she has had enough, head for the bath (you can also get nice shots here too).
Baby Cake Smash Huddersfield West Yorkshire

Love the idea of a cake smash and want us to do it for you?

Of course, if you love the idea of a cake smash shoot, but don’t fancy the idea of organising all of this yourself, then get in touch with us, we’d love to help.

hello@lavuephotographique.co.uk or call 07380169196

We are offering cake smash shoots, which include the giant cupcake with coloured frosting to match the theme.

All we need you to do, is have your baby ready in the outfit of your choice, and position him/her with the cake, and we’ll do the rest.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

Angela and Daniel


Cake Smash Photography Yorkshire


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