Boost your success on Linkedin

Boost your success on Linkedin

Invest in your profile – get a professional Linkedin head shot

As photographers, you can probably guess where we will begin, but as the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words…. The right Linkedin profile picture will immediately boost your image and the impression you make on your current and future connections.  This will ultimately help you to make more connections with the people you want to find you – recruiters, future clients, professional networking connections & future referral partners.

According to a study from 2017, users with a profile picture get 14 times more views and are 36 times more likely to receive Linkedin messages than those without.  So it makes sense to invest in this, as it is investing in you!

You are the logo of your personal brand

This does not mean it has to be a serious, formal head shot, but simply an image of you as you want to be seen in business.  This could be smiling/serious/formal or more casual & relaxed.  The most important aspect of your profile photograph is that you are representing yourself as you wish to be seen.

Isn’t it therefore always such a surprise when people use selfies, and photos from parties on Linkedin… is this how you wish to be perceived as a business professional?

But do I really need to commission a photographer?

The truth is, no of course not!  But as with anything, if you want the very best results, then it is always best to hire someone who is a professional and has the talent and creative eye to deliver you the best results.

A professional photographer will not only consider your wishes but will also ensure that at the time of the shoot you are correctly posed, the lighting is good, and that the composition of the shot is right.

Then there is the post production editing.  When we offer a head shot photo shoot at La Vue Photographique, only half the work is done in our mobile studio.  The post shoot edit is where we apply further skill by cropping and editing to adjust colour & smooth out blemishes.  We also remove obvious imperfections in the skin – if you have a spot, it’s OK, we can hide it!

What next?

So what are you waiting for?  Make sure you consider your personal brand and image on Linkedin and update your business profile.

We are launching an event together with So Contented on 20th June, where you can benefit from a business profile shoot and a fully written Linkedin summary so that your profile is a true reflection of you & your business/professional self.

For just £160, you will have an hour slot, where you will spend half an hour on your photo shoot with us at La Vue Photographique, and then half an hour with the So Contented team to understand who you are, and what you want your Linkedin summary to say about you.

Following the event, you will then get to select your favourite image for final editing for your head shot, and a fully written summary that will help you to be found by the businesses and recruiters who you want to be seen by.  This will boost your profile online, and ultimately help you enhance your career and your business.

If you’re interested in booking on then visit Eventbrite to reserve your slot.

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