Family photo shoots – babies, toddlers and beyond!

Family photo shoots – babies, toddlers and beyond!

It is not often that we talk about the family shoots that Daniel and I do at La Vue Photographique, but it is an element of our business that we really enjoy.  So I thought we should share some of those family moments, and let you see what is possible from booking a session with us.

We’re all about natural photography and capturing you and your family in a moment in time.

Let’s start with babies…

Documenting the growth of your baby is so exciting, and it’s precious to get those moments before they are already dashing around being tear aways!  You can do this as often as you like, but there is something very special about capturing your baby as a newborn, when he/she is still a squidgy curled up bundle, not yet adapted to the big wide world…

But babies grow so fast…!  But maybe you prefer to save the professional session to when they are a little more robust, when they can sit up and smile and laugh and generally look all chubby and adorable…

  • Mothersday Weekend 1 WR
  • Sam 2 WR
  • Hands 3 WR
  • Family photo


And then…they walk! Dependent on how quickly your little one decides to get up and go, they could be already toddling at 9 months, or not until 18 months…

For our little boy, he was chilled and relaxed, and not in any kind of rush.  For others they are tearing about on their 1st birthday (making the cake smash shoot a little more of a challenge…! – see our other blog on cake smashes for more info –

Whichever way it is, our photo shoots are a perfect chance to capture the moment of your baby as he/she grows into a little boy or girl.  Suddenly they lose the baby look, and look just so grown up…

  • family photo
  • family photo
  • family photo
  • family photo


Of course, we also book sessions for the whole family.  We really do exactly what you would like, remembering that our style is natural and relaxed.  We can come to your home to capture precious moments playing with your children in the kitchen or garden, or we can all go to the park together.  The choice is up to you.   If you like our photography, and our relaxed approach, then together we will be able to capture some beautiful images for you to treasure.

  • Family photography Huddersfield West Yorkshire
  • Family Photography in Leeds West Yorkshire
  • Family photography Huddersfield West Yorkshire
  • Family photography Huddersfield West Yorkshire

Any questions?

Just get in touch by phone or email, and we can talk about what you’d like.

07380169196 or send us a note at with an outline of what you would like and when.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

Angela and Daniel


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